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From the dust and bones of Southern California's Antelope Valley comes Siren Valley. A band of four long-time friends coming together to create and build something beautiful out of the dirt of their deserts.


Fusing Folk-Pop and Acoustic-Americana, Amy Colleen, Katelyn Shay, Kris Danam, and Marlon Barnes Jr. bring their years of musical experience that when combined with life’s lessons allows them to create music that taps into the real and relatable. Unlike the sirens of the sea, they want to bring hope and healing, instead of the typical luring sailors to their doom. With every note strummed, and each word sung, they want to remind you that you are not alone in this great big world.


In 2020 Siren Valley recorded and released their first EP "Scratched Up Heart", which can be streamed on all streaming platforms (yes, right now!). The EP’s inspiration came from the idea that, like Vinyl records, our hearts can have bumps and scratches, but still contain beautiful music. Their 6 song EP covers a variety of "heart" moments people experience and has been streamed and featured all over the world on blogs, radio stations, and playlists.


Currently Siren Valley is streaming live shows monthly and working on some new collaboration projects. You can keep up with them on social media at: @sirenvalley

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"Great band and sound. A perfect fit for any event!"

—  Jesse Davidson, AV Press

and PharOut Magazine

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