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Building a DIY In-Home Studio Part 2: Recording Our First Song

It's been awhile since we wrote about starting to build our in home studio. Part 2 has been awhile coming. We've been recording, and re-recording, and trying different programs, and we're happy to announce that our first In-Home recorded single is coming out August 20th!

We started recording back on April 30th after my procedure when we had our writing and recording weekend. We recorded guitar and djembe and tried different programs and landed on using soundtrap. Partially because it was very user friendly and partially because we could all easily record from our own in home studios if need be (as Kris and Marlon each have their own too). If you haven't looked into it, it's a great tool for bands. Even if you aren't using it for actual recording, it's great for song writing, and gives you an easy way to collaborate.

We recorded all our parts, all of our vocals, and had an almost complete recording.....then we decided to trash it. That was a test run and we wanted to try again. Marlon wanted to try recording his Djembe from his music room because of the reverb, and Kris decided to try re-recording guitar and adding bass from his DIY recording studio at his place.

Once they had their parts in, we all met here in our recording studio (officially named "Rigby Recording") and recorded vocals in our isolation booth on a Blue Bluebird. We used a Scarlett 2ii2 to plug into the laptop, and soundtrap as the DAW.

I have a decent laptop, but it was definitely not built for recording.....or moving at a great speed. As most things we do, we made what we had work, though. A few times the laptop shut down. The vocals all had to be moved into place, because of recording delay. A few times we overheated. A few times it froze. You know what, though? We made it work! We got all our parts together and sent them off to Diego at Valley Crest Recording.

He worked his magic, and sent it to Justin at TrakWorx for mastering, and just like that we have our first single recorded at Rigby Recording!

So mark your schedules for August 20th! "Wanderlust" will be available on all streaming platforms!

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