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Readjusting To Being A Musician In A Post-Covid World

It's been 436 days since our world was turned upside down. I feel like not just as musicians, but as humans, the idea of returning to normal....doesn't feel normal anymore. We've adjusted to life over this last year+, and now we're about to readjust again.

The biggest thing is, I'm still not sure what this Post-Covid world will look like. I don't believe it's going to be like it was before. We've learned too much, been through too much, for it not to change us. I believe every industry, including the music industry, has been through a big turning point. One you'll read about in history books, learn about in classes. So how do we go forward from here when we're walking into the unknown?

Over the last year, we have learned so much about the online presence and how important that is. I don't believe that all is just going to disappear now. Now, more than ever, it's finding that balance between both the outside world and online. In-person and live stream. I can't say 100% we've found that balance. We are definitely excited to see you all in person, and we're hoping to maybe start planning a 2022 tour, but I would be lying if I said the anxiety of booking in person shows isn't real!

It's been a year since we've had to really reach out to book. Over a year since we've performed in a public place with people around us. We did about a few live streams, did a few interviews, did a few private events, but it was NOTHING like before. I had fallen into routine with it before all of this, but I quickly fell out of routine when I didn't have to use that skill. If I fell out of routine with that, what else have I fallen out of routine with?

For the last year, I've been talking to a computer screen. Do I remember how to communicate with an audience in person? All that stuff I worked on in College in my performance classes, is it still there like riding a bike? Or am I going to be formed into a completely new performer after all this too? OR is it a mixture of both? There's so much that runs through my head as we prepare for this, and try to navigate how to move forward. Not to mention, I think about how all of you will feel. Will people feel comfortable coming to see us live? We want everyone to feel comfortable wherever they're watching us. Which is why I think a mix of both online and in-person is important. Right now, and probably in the future as well.

I was discussing with a friend yesterday how going into 2020, we felt like it was going to be our year. We were planning our first tour, we had regular bookings, we were getting ready to record our EP, and then everything halted. Then, well, I don't think I have to recap what happened. We're all living through it. Looking back, though, maybe it was our incubation period. Maybe, we just needed a tiny bit longer to cook in the oven. Maybe we needed to learn about all the things we learned about online, about people, about ourselves, before we were really ready. I'm not going to jinx anything by repeating "THIS is our year"....but maybe....just maybe....we're ready for the next step. So anxiety, excitement, confusion, and all, here we go!

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