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Welcome to "Scratched Up Art"

As I once heard in a video "Let it suck", and it was maybe the best advice I could've come across. I'm not a perfect person. I know what you all are thinking....

"What do you mean you're not perfect, Amy?" or

"Amy, you're amazing!"

No, I'm just kidding. You're probably thinking

"Yeah, we know that." or

"I thought that was obvious."

Ok, maybe it's something in the middle of those two.

Either way, the point is, I don't have any idea what I'm doing most days.

I've been playing music and singing all my life. That stuff has become second nature almost. This "music business" stuff, though, that part is tough! All the behind the scenes work that goes into everything! I had no idea what I was signing up for. I kind of had an idea. Maybe I should have had more of an idea since I took a Music Industry class to earn my Commercial Music Certificate, but if you were to ask me anything I learned from it, I don't remember. I learned that Katelyn and I could somehow pass the tests, even though our study sessions consisted of watching "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" all night. It seemed like common sense. Plus, that's what a manager is for, right? I was young and foolish. Fresh out of High School! I was a baby! Cut me some slack.

When I joined my first band, and somehow ended up in the manager position (even though I was maybe the least experienced out of ALL of us to do so), I learned quick there is A LOT that goes into being an independent musician. It's not just go on stage and sing. Not to mention, when you're first starting out.....THERE'S NO MANAGER! Did you know that? You! You are the manager. You are also the booking agent. The social media person. Wardrobe. Roadie. Songwriter. The Artist. EVERYTHING.

"Oh, Lord. What did I get myself into?"

I had no choice but to just jump in. Google became my best friend. Did you know that it can almost answer anything? At least I haven't found anything it can't answer yet. I did research. Studied other artists. But most importantly, I let it suck! I didn't know what I was doing, but the only way I'd learn was to do it.

*Cue music and title*

"Scratched Up Art"

So here I am, writing a blog about all of it. I still don't claim to know what I'm doing, but I've become pretty good at making something happen most of the time. I'm going to share our stories of success, failure, and everything in between. Things like:

- Learning to plan our first tour (before Covid hit. Everyone with me..."Boo Covid!")

- Making our first music video

- Setting up our in home recording studio

- Navigating social media

- and SO MUCH MORE! (I know, you're so excited)

We may even have special guest writers sometimes. Who knows? I sure don't! Just like everything else, we're just jumping in, and you're along for the ride! Don't you feel special?

So check in here every other Saturday for a new blog post. It may be messy, it may have some scratches, it may have some bumps, but we are making art. It's supposed to be that way, right?

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